Meet Our PhD Students

Meet our PhD students working within the Urban Futures Research Domain.

Find out more about their work and research interests by clicking on their name below: 




James Angel

Towards Urban Energy Democracy? The Contested (Post)-Politics of Europe’s New Energy Municipalism

Alejandro Barcena

Transformations: The role of power in shaping vulnerability

Ivana Bevilacqua

Infrastructures of Exclusion: Roadscapes and bus routes in Galilee

Lee Butcher

Westminster on Sea: The political and cultural significance of Osborne House, Isle of Wight 

David Colozza

Urbanisation, Dietary Change and Local Food Cultures. The case of Indonesia.

Archie Davies

Of Crabs and Men in Manguetown: Josué de Castro and the urban ecological politics of hunger


Wolf Ellis

Livelihoods, Food Security and Income as Food

Michele Ferretti

Building the ’Smart City’: Unpacking software engineering practices at the interface of code and space

Kelly Gunnell

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: Mapping and quantifying the role of natural infrastructure in hydrological ecosystem service provision to the world’s cities under scenarios of land use and climate change

Sabrine Hakam

Examining African ‘Cityness’ to Inform an Urban Theory from the ‘Global South’

Irene Håkansson

Exploring Transition Pathways to Sustainable, Low-Carbon Societies: Comparative analysis of small-scale “sustainability niches and experiments” related to electricity, mobility and agro-food systems in cities in the UK and the Netherlands

Xiaofan Jin Jin

What Are the Main Actors, Mechanisms and Distinctive Features of Large-Scale Affordable Housing Neighbourhood Development in Peri-Urban Shanghai?


Nirali Joshi

Amidst and Apart: Suburban railway accidents and urban life in Mumbai city

Luis Andueza Justiniano

Rivers, Territoriality, and Energy: A study on the political ecology of neoliberalisation and resistance in south-central Chile 

Randa Kachef

Chewing Gum Waste and its Implications for Understanding What Drives Littering and How Best to Deter It

Qiaonan Li

Authoritarian Management and Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction in China

Dong Liu

Social Inequality in Peri-Urban Spaces of Urbanising Cities in China

Dit Maneepitak

Potential Economic and Social Impact of Land and Building Tax: An evaluation of the property assessment system in Bangkok


Talia Mills

Central American Migrants Displaced by Urban Violence in Transit in the Mexican/Guatemalan Border Region

Maeve Mcloughlin

In Light of Dieselgate, How Can Europe Better Regulate Diesel Vehicle Emissions?

Pratik Mishra

The Political Ecology of Peri-Urban Water Flows in Relation to Infrastructures of Urban Metabolism in Gurugram, India: The displacement of metabolic infrastructures to the periphery as a marginal and unequal mode of urbanisation in Indian cities

Jacob Fairless Nicholson

Learning Anti-Racism: A cultural geography of anti-racist education in London, 1970-1990

Seungwon Eo

S.A.S.E. – Simulating Agents Shaping Environment: The application to urban crime analysis

Fiorenza Picozza

“Dubliners”: Deportation, displacement and the freedom of movement in Europe at the time of the Dublin Regulation


Hannah Schling

Gender, Spatio-Temporality and Social Reproduction: Migrant labour in the Czech manufacturing sector

Yang Song

An Investigation of the Ongoing Impact of China’s Hukou Reform on the Second Generation Migrant Workers’ Identity

Aila Spathopoulou

Moving From and Moving Back to the Border: Migrants’ uneven geographies within and against the hotspot regime governing “Borderland Greece”

Susan Steward

Growing Up in North Norwich: Influences of neighbourhood and secondary school on disadvantaged young people in Norwich

Kayla Svoboda

Confronting the Exclusive City? The social function of urban property in Rio de Janeiro: Communidade do Horto as case study

Persis Taraporevala

Provincialisation and Depoliticisation: The Smart Cities Mission in India


Simone Vegliò

Spaces, Border, Hierarchies: What shapes for postcolonial Latin America? A ‘decolonial’ geography

Soledad Alvarez Velasco

Trespassing the Visible: The production of Ecuador as a global space of transit for irregularised migrants moving towards the U.S.-Mexico corridor

Dimitris Venizelos

Urbanisms of Difference – The landscapes of leisure

Isobel Ward

An Exploration Into the Commodification of Home and the Problematisation of Movement in London

Dominic Weldon

“A Mighty Cobweb”: Graph databases and network analysis in a digital humanities approach to the historical geography of the UK Fixed-Line Network

Can Yildiz

The Roma Spectacle: Foreignness, racialisation and mobility among Roma women in and out of a London prison

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