MA/MSc Sustainable Cities

The MA/MSc Sustainable Cities is the taught postgraduate programme of the Urban Futures research domain delivered exclusively by its academic staff. As the only course to explicitly address the topic of sustainable cities, our MA/MSc is unique in the UK. It is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on the human and physical processes shaping urban ecologies and environments. We also offer the opportunity to gain practical experience through an internship.

Key benefits

  • Unique in the UK as the only MA/MSc to address sustainable cities explicitly;
  • An exciting interdisciplinary course;
  • Internships available.

We aim to:

  • Develop critical understanding of the interrelationships between urbanisation and human lifestyles, politics, economy, ecology and environment.
  • Develop critical understanding of human impacts on physical processes in cities, and the implications for habitation and liveability.
  • Develop the ability to evaluate advanced scholarship in the field of urban policy critically, with reference to sustainable cities.
  • Promote initiative and develop independent critical judgment in identifying, analysing and solving problems at an advanced level.
  • Develop relevant transferable skills which are embedded in our learning and assessment schemes.
  • Develop practical skills in data handling, interpretation and use, and develop skills in connecting physical dynamics to social, political and management processes.
  • Enable students to focus on the challenges of managing cities in an integrated and sustainable manner, regardless of their first degree discipline.
  • Enable students to deploy scientific, social and economic theory within a sustainability framework which takes into account the need to address the needs of society, the economy and the protection of environmental resources.

The course combines pure and applied research methods from human and physical geography, giving you an advanced level understanding of contemporary debates about sustainable cities. We focus on the human and physical processes shaping urban ecologies, environments and social processes.

The programme features a Social Science pathway (leading to an MA) and a Combined Sciences pathway (leading to an MSc). Full details of both pathways can be found in the online prospectus here.

The compulsory modules within each pathway provide critical insights into the political, technological and cultural challenges of urban sustainability and the governance of the sustainable city. Students on the Combined Sciences pathway probe more deeply into the constraints set by (and interaction with) urban aquatic and terrestrial systems, or extend their capacity to research problems in the sustainable city through advanced quantitative and spatial analysis.

Read a testimonial from a previous student below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 13.19.30

Watch a video on the MA dissertation project of one of our former MA/MSc Sustainable Cities programme students Viola Follini by Fabio Cotichelli below. Viola presented her research at Milano Green Week 2018

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